by Matt McBride

According to U.S. Bank, 45% of patients would pay faster if notified by email, text, or phone call. Healthcare is consistently rated poorly by consumers for making the payment process difficult. In this Webinar we are going to explore industry patient payment data, consumer healthcare payment insights, and solutions for automating the payment process. Regulations changed significantly in 2021, making it easier to communicate with patients around payments that every healthcare organization should be implementing.

Presented by Matt McBrideCEO & Co-FounderMend  

Matt McBride is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mend — an enterprise-grade patient engagement and telehealth platform designed to help healthcare organizations scale their practice and care for more patients. An experienced entrepreneur, he co founded Mend in 2015 with three best friends to revolutionize healthcare delivery.

From a young age Matt developed an interest in technology, and throughout his career has combined this passion with his expertise in business and leading teams to improve the patient experience. Having seen digitalization transform industries, he recognized the need for healthcare organizations to harness software to increase access to care – transitioning away from a heavy reliance on phones and paper.

At Mend, Matt is focused on using the power of telemedicine, A.I. reminders, digital forms and more to make it easier for patients and providers to communicate. With deep experience in healthcare tech companies – including OneOncology and Varian Medical Systems – Matt understands how medical offices work and how providers can leverage technology to reduce administrative burden, spend more quality time with patients and operate more efficiently. 

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Matt works relentlessly to curate solutions that help healthcare organizations care for more patients. A hands-on chief executive who works closely with customers, his goal is to deliver the best possible products and services to help as many patients as possible.

Originally from Michigan, Matt is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where he double majored in business administration and management information systems and earned a Master’s in Business Administration. Now based in Orlando, when Matt is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.


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